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45mm 4P NSX100/250 LV429337 Manovra rotativa diretta NSX100/250 LV429338 Manovra rotativa rinviata NSX100/250 LV429339 Manovra rotat. handl isolator ins250 100a 3p isolator ins250 200a 3p isolator ins250 200a 4p isolator ins250 160a 3p isolator ins630 3p one-piece manual source one-piece manual source mo to rmechanism compact mt250 380 to 415 v ac mccb compact ns250n 3p3d tm250d circuit breaker compact ns250n tmd 200 a 3p 3d extended rotary handle extended rotary handle+ simple plate + elec meca cord lc/lc duplex om3 pc 2m. cabezal pan/tilt manualalm unidad de interfase de alarmas 64 ent. Kocwki kablowe 300 3P/S/W 6szt. number Compact NSX Cat. lufdh11 riarmo manuale 1no+1nc lufn02 aux contact mod 2nc lufn11 aux contact mod 1no+1nc lufn20 aux contact mod 2no lufp1 gateway fipio/modbus lufp7 gateway profibusdp/modbus lufp9 gateway devicenet/modbus lufv2 mod carico motore 4-20 ma lufw10 modulo preallarme lulc033 modulo com. Substitution table Compatibility of components Compact NS to NSX and Compact NSX to NS Compact NS Designation Cat. 03- 30A & time delay= 0-4.

MCCB Easypact EZC100 - MCCB Easypact EZC100 loại 1P, 2P, 3P, 4P. Upload ; No category. 720,V 50/60 Hz y208-277 V 60 Hz LV429434 B 1. 深圳市扎克贸易有限公司 : 王文强 手机: ::固定:地址:中国广州深圳市福田区深南中路 号爱华大厦 607. b 2 alarmes s&227;o predefi nidos e ativados automaticamente: b Micrologic 5: sobrecarga (Ir) v Micrologic 6: sobrecarga (Ir) e falta a terra (Ig) v 10 outros alarmes s&227;o program&225;veis em n&237;vel, prioridade e temporiza&231;&227;o. 45mm 3P NSX100/250 LVschermo isolan. Kocwki kablowe 300 4P/S/W 8szt.

>> Pemutusan jarak jauh dengan selector switch. 2//240 LV429434 LV431541 LV432641 Tensi&243;n VCC 380/440 LV429435 LV431542 LV432642 No es posible mo24 /consultar Tensi&243;n VCC torizar 48/. contacto sde manual extr. Rel tripolar de proteccin trmica, rearme manual o automtico y sealizacin de disparo Clase 10. Regulacin Trmica (A). number Designation LV429266 LV429267 LV429268 No No No No No Yes Yesshutters IP40 for plug-in base 1P (NS100/250) LV429271 Yes Yes 29272 LV429272 Yes Yes 29273 Auxiliary cable plug and socket for 9 cables (NS100/250) Fixed 9 cable.

std contact sd manual extr. std mx 024/030 v ca/cc extr. lv429435 disti 50ac8277 Schneider Electric MOTOR OP 380-415V 50/60HZ 440-480V 60HZ RoHS: Not Compliant Min Qty: 1 Container: Bulk Steute, SIEMENS. Untitled - Schneider Electric. n&205;vel contacto of manual extr.

LVLV431541. ATNSX Power Source Changeover System ATNSX Automatic power source changeover system includes 2 Circuit Breaker Compact NSX 3P or 4P Electrical operated mechanism Interlock switch for manual/automatic selection mode Isolated power module Inteligent controller Bộ tự động chuyển đổi nguồn ATNSX gồm c&243;: 2 CB Compact NSX 3P hoặc 4P Cơ cấu đ&243;ng ngắt CB hoạt động bằng. Manual Racking Trolley 150mm Stroke 200 mm Beam 482 mm EXETRKJB 7,665,525 2 Manual Racking Trolley 150mm Stroke 200 mm Beam 503 mm EXETRKKB 7,665,525 2 Manual Racking Trolley 210mm Stroke 200 mm EXETRKLB 7,875,525 2 Manual Racking Trolley 275mm Stroke 200 mm EXETRKMB 8,347,501 2. December January 03, W. abre una nueva ventana. Выберите из списка нужный артикул или сообщите его нам 29404 voltage release Compact MN 24 V ACvoltage release Compact MN 48 V ACvoltage release Compact MN 110 to. Zulassung UL508 Leistungsschalter Ausl&246;sesysteme Zulassungen Compact NSX1 F/N/H TMD, Micrologic 2, 5 und 6 „General Use” „Motor Disconnecting Means” NA, MA, Micrologic 1. std mx 200/250 v ca/cc extr.

Average delivery time is 1 to 2 days delivery may vary depending on product availability. n&205;vel contact sd manual extr. Upload ; Home; Do-It-Yourself tools; Garden tools; Lawnmowers. Manual Auxillary Connectors 9-wire manual auxiliary connector (fixed + moving) Note: Above auxiliary connectors to be used with Plug-in and Withdrawable Mccb when Auxiliary Contact, Shunt, UnderVoltage or Motor Mechanism is used. Compact NSX100 to 630. ausvr-sw-1l archive utility sw w/1 dvms licenseb5-f caja posterior empotrada p/spectra hdproducto de stock 3 b5-f-eb5-pb caja posterior colgante p/spectra hdb5-pgb5-pg-e. 欢迎 来电 垂询洽谈:.

3 M, Micrologic 6. Unit MRP Front panel mount Reference Unit MRP Type Control Voltage Din rail mount Reference RH10 with local manual fault reset 220/240VAC 56130 Sensitivity=0. 23 Caracter&237;sticas comunes Control Manual Con maneta b Con mando rotativo directo o prolongado b. n&205;vel mx 012 v cc extr. Equipamentos e sistemas de distribui&231;&227;o de energia Equipamentos e sistemas de distribui&231;&227;o de energia Baixa Tens&227;o Tabela de pre&231;os Setembro r Tabela de pre&231;os setembro &205;ndice Refer&234;ncia Descri&231;&227;o Lote C&243;d. - Khả năng ngắt d&242;ng.

Programar os alarmes At&233; 12 alarmes podem ser associados a medi&231;&245;es ou eventos. A few of the brands available from Scavenger include. presenza tensione NSX100/250 LV429329 Separatore di fase 6pz NSX100/250 LVschermo isolan.

>> Kontrol Manual pada bagian muka : >> Langsung dan kontrol manual (tergantung) prioritas dengan menggunakan O-I toggle. Convert documents to beautiful publications and share them worldwide. n&205;vel contacto of motor.

Socket and Switches 30 Series Switch & accessories for 30 Series, E30 Series & Series E30 Series Mega- & S Series S-Flexi Series Concept Series. pt, Author: pedralux, Length: manual lv429435 806 pages, Published:. Scribd is the world's largest social reading and publishing site.

NS250 L1 ELEC. rossa NSX100/250. 336,90 LV431541 B 1.

std mx 048/060 v ca/cc extr. >> Indikasi: mekanikal pada bagian muka dengan menggunakan posisi toggle. 720,40 CC 24-30 V LV429436 C 1. 336,90 LV431542 B 1. 5s 380/415VACRH197P with local manual or automatic fault reset 220. Seccionador mando manual Compact NS630 a 1600 Seccionador motorizado calibre 630bNA. Schneider 优势供应系列5,如有意向请联系北京恒远安诺科技有限公司. Tiap impuls yang diterima oleh koil, membuat posisi kutub-kutub berbalik (reverse the coil).

std contacto sde manual extr. Referencia LR2K0301 LR2K0302 LR2K0303 LR2K0304 LR2K0305 LR2K0306 LR2K0307 LR2K0308 LR2K0310 LR2K0312 LR2K0314. NORMAL STOCK ITEMS.

- Ph&249; hợp với ti&234;u chuẩn IEC 947-1,2, JIS C8201, NEMA AB1. 720,V 50/60 Hz y440-480 V 60 Hz LV429435 B 1. Suppliers of Major Branded Switchgear, LOW/MED Voltage Motors & Instrumentation.

Rolling Base for 150 or. F-8 Referin&205;e Accesorii de conexiuni (Cu sau Al) LegŸturi spate 2 scurte LVlungi LV429236 Conectori pentru cabluri dezizolate Conectori din o&205;el 1 x (1,5 la 95 mm 2); i 160 A Set de 3 LV429242 Set de 4 LV429243 Conectori din aluminiu 1 x (25 la 95 mm 2); i 250 A Set de 3 LV429227 Set de 4 LVx (120 la 185 mm 2); i 250 A Set de 3 LV429259 Set de 4 LV429260. Caracteristici i performane Caracteristici comune Comand Manual Electric Versiuni Fix Debroabil Pe soclu Pe asiu n n n Cu manet Cu manet rotativ standard sau prelungit Cu telecomand n n n NSX100 B F N H S L, 3,. std mx 100/130 v ca/cc extr. Title: CAT&193;LOGO GERAL SCHNEIDER - pedralux. Qualquer ajuste manual feito subsequentemente no dispositivo ser&225; priorit&225;rio. modbus lulc07 modulo com profibus dp. In 40 &176;C m Ui Uimp Ue DC Icw/Icm t=1s Iq with back-up fuse Rated manual lv429435 conditionnal short-circuit Iq with circuit breaker current Utilization category Suitability for isolation Pollution degree Durability Endurance (C-O cycles) mechanical electrical (In) Installation and connections Control manual Connections kA A gPV kA with MCCB 1000 V toggle direct or extended rotary handle motor mechanism.

Kocwki kablowe 240 4P/S/W 8szt. Automatic Source Changeover System. 03A 380/415VAC manual lv429435 56140 RH99 with local manual fault reset 220/240VACSensitivity = 0. 3 E-M „Manual Motor Controller” „Across the Line Starter” „Motor Disconnecting Means” Leistungstabelle Drehstrommotoren, in horse power (1 hp = 0,7457. NSX100/630 LV429319 Soffietto IP43 NSX100/250 LV429325 Indicat. Publishing platform for digital magazines, interactive publications and online catalogs. 上海萨帛机电控制系统有限公司> e. Product Specs Condition: New: A brand-new, unused, unopened, undamaged item in its original packaging.

德企直销,欢迎采购 【德国公司直接采购】. 336,90 LV431543 C 1. std contacto of manual extr.

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